reFUNCTIONation suggestion # 50 : May we actually cultivate for “on earth as it is in heaven” thru our relationships for the sake of abundant life in our community.

Breen Kingdom King quoteJesus taught us to pray for “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Take the name of your community and replace the word “earth” in that phrase.

“In ____________ as it is in heaven.”

Then may we beg God for wisdom on how to cultivate for that everyday through our relationships for the sake of seeing abundant life in our community!

What would that look like?

Reconciliation. People reunited with God and with one another.

Compassion. Needs met inside relationships beyond mere benevolence.

Truth. Honest conversations that lead to honest friendships that sharpen us toward loving one another fully like Jesus loved us.

Forgiveness. Taking the initiative to give grace to one another before “I’m sorry” is even spoken. Striving to trust one another again instead of living wounded and isolated.

The key to all of this?

“Your Kingdom come. Your will be done.”

Nobody else trying to be King but King Jesus. No one local church trying to be better than any other. Every local church putting the interests of the other local churches above their own. No one caring who gains or gets credit.

No one going for the win. Everyone going for oneness.

But not any old oneness. Not oneness for oneness sake or because we don’t want to make anyone feel bad. No.

Oneness around Jesus. Oneness for the Gospel’s sake. Oneness for the will of God and the work of God and the Spirit of God coming alive in among the “churched” and among our communities.

Lord Jesus. Your Kingdom come. Your will be done. On earth as it is in heaven.